Thursday, 12 September 2013

Manning Calls For Joined-Up Thinking On Fen Road

Cambridgeshire County Councillor, Ian Manning is pushing for joined-up thinking in a bid to solve the problems facing residents living in Cambridge’s Fen Road.

Ian, who represents East Chesterton, will be speaking at a meeting of South Cambs District Council Cabinet this evening (Thursday, September 12) calling for better consultation with residents on changes to one end of the road that affect residents living at the other.

The road crosses from East Chesterton into South Cambs territory and decisions are made by three local authorities – Cambridge City Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and South Cambs District Council.

Ian will be speaking of the need for better consultation with the residents he represents when there are any changes on the road.

He will also ask Cabinet members to support improvements to the level crossing and also to attend the Fend Road Steering group that he re-started recently.

“Fen Road is a dead end, so any changes made at the South Cambs end inevitably affect the residents of the East Chesterton end,” he said. “I've approached the Cabinet so that we can start to try and work together. I want to make sure that all residents feel adequately consulted over changes.”

Ian has long campaigned for an alternative access road so that vehicles from Fen Road don't have to pass through East Chesterton, removing the problems of extra traffic on an overburdened road.

Further, he cites this as another example of the need for a Unitary Authority.

“Arbitrary dividing lines – in this case cutting apart communities mere metres apart – cannot be efficient for the delivery of public services,” he said. “We need people to feel that there is only one council responsible for their area, not as in this case, three.”