Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Parker's Piece 'Cambridge Rules' Public Artwork Project

Following her decision to abandon a proposal to place a Subbuteo figure on Parker’s Piece, to commemorate Cambridge’s role in the establishment of the FA football rules, Executive Councillor for Public Places, Andrea Reiner, has announced a new process for delivering the artwork, which will open up the artwork selection to wider public input.

The Executive Councillor is proposing that a new procurement process, a revised artist brief, as well as a revised programme for delivery be publicly debated and scrutinised in the Environment Committee meeting scheduled for 8 October.

The proposed new procurement process would be a limited competition approach, whereby the City Council will approach artists to submit their names for consideration. Up to four shortlisted artists would then submit project proposals for the artwork. The City Council will conduct a full public consultation on the artists’ submissions.

Final selection of the artwork would then take into account the results of the consultation, following public debate at Environment Scrutiny Committee.

"The prospect of this art work has generated a great deal of interest on the part of the general public. Football fans are interested in this project, but so too are many residents who care about our green spaces," said the Executive Councillor. “It is important that all residents of Cambridge have the opportunity to influence the process of selecting the final art work.”

The new process will be open to wider public scrutiny than had been previously planned, and therefore the project board which had steered the project to date will not be needed in its present form. Members of the project board will be invited to participate in the consultation and help inform the Environment Scrutiny Committee.

“At this time I feel we need fresh ideas and fresh perspectives from the wider public, and especially to move beyond the Subbuteo proposal,” said the Executive Councillor.

The Environment Scrutiny committee will be asked to scrutinise the new budget as well, which is proposed to be £115,000. The Subbuteo design projected cost had risen to £160,000.

The new programme for delivery envisages a final completion date in 2015.

“As a result of this process, I am confident that Cambridge will come away with a public art piece worthy both of Parker's Piece and the beautiful game," said the Executive Councillor.