Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Agenda for Bar Hill Parish Council Meeting on 17th October 2013 @ 19:00

The agenda for next weeks Parish Council meeting has been published and I've included a copy of the agenda below for your information.

As always all members of the public and press are invited to attend, particularly for the Open Forum which is your opportunity to raise any issues you'd like the Parish Council to be aware of.

If you've got any comments on this agenda or anything you'd like me to raise let me know.

Open Forum
1. To receive apologies for absence and any declaration of interest
2. Approval of minutes. To approve minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on 19th September 2013
3. Matters for discussion and decisions to be made from Previous Minutes
3.1 Midas Care Ltd – update
3.2 Farmhouse – update
3.3 Skate park - update
3.4 A14 Improvements – update from exhibition
4. Clerks Financial Report
4.1 Approval of works by the Parish Council
4.2 Cricket Club Containers – approval of contribution towards ground works
4.3 Annual Play Inspection report - repairs to be done
4.4 Black Forge Art – Possible expenditure on new village sign
4.5 CAPALC – Local Government National Salary Award for Clerks
4.6 Completed Annual Return to be signed off
4.4 Approval of accounts and payment of cheques for October
5. General Correspondence Received
5.1 Cambridge United FC Initiatives – request to use village green
5.2 County Council – Solutions for independent living
5.3 CAPALC – September Bulletin (sent to PC on 7.10.13)
5.4 SCDC – Planning Policy Monthly Update (sent to PC on 7.10.13)
6. Chairman’s Report
7. Committee Reports
a. Planning Committee  (MP)
b. Environment Committee (BW)
8. Other Reports
a. Cambridgeshire County Council (JR)
b. South Cambridgeshire District Council (BW/RH)
c. Any other reports
9. Items for Information