Friday, 18 October 2013

Bar Hill Parish Council Submission on A14 Consultation

Bar Hill Parish Council's response to the A14 consultation has been submitted to the Highways Agency. It's available here (via Google Drive) and copied below for your information.

Dear Sirs
Response by Bar Hill Parish Council to the A14 Proposals 
Following on from the Exhibition that was held in Bar Hill a couple of weeks ago and having now had responses back from visitors, mainly residents of Bar Hilll to that exhibition the Parish Council would like to comment as follows:-
We welcome any improvements to the A14 if this will indeed relieve the current congestion on the road. We are however concerned that the in and out access at Bar Hill will be too busy when the new road from Northstowe joins the A14. This would put particular pressure on the Bar Hill roundabout and this would adversely affect vehicular use for the business units in Bar Hill. 
The Parish Council would support the introduction of a tolling system if the price was kept to a minimum and perhaps giving local residents, the elderly and disabled a “discount” on the price to be implemented. 
Also it was generally felt that the interchange was in the wrong place, originally this interchange was marked for Dry Drayton and not Bar Hill. The Parish Council would welcome a more detailed proposal as to how the gyratory would affect the entrance to the village and the reason why it has been moved on the plans. 
The lack of cycle ways seems to be a major concern for most Bar Hill residents and we would support any provision of a new cycle way network to run alongside the existing roads. 
Air, noise and light pollution also seem to be an issue with most residents and the Parish Council.
We would welcome an analysis on the road  movement along the A14 and also we welcome the retention of the current bridge for unmotorised traffic. 
Lastly, the Parish Council feel that whilst so much work is being done in the area of Bar Hill, we would welcome plans to see a further entrance/exit to Bar Hill, as you are no doubt aware, at present there is only one way in and one way out of the village and with the ever increasing traffic flows, we feel that traffic backing up at certain times of the day would be extremely frustrating and also if a major incident occurs the residents of the village would be trapped (this did happen in November of 2002 when the petrol station caught fire). 
I trust the views of the Parish Council and residents will be taken in to consideration when the second round of plans is being drawn up. 
Yours faithfully 
Bar Hill Parish Council 
This submission followed a fairly in depth discussion at yesterday's Parish Council meeting relating to the issues the A14 proposal would cause the village.

You'll notice that the response to the consultation includes a suggestion that the interchange is sited in the wrong place (previous plans had it in Dry Drayton). I, and several other, Parish Councillors raised the point that if the interchange were moved having only a single carriageway leading in and out of Bar Hill would not only massively affect local businesses - especially around rush hour - but would also affect those in Bar Hill that commute to work every day. In my view a single carriageway entrance to Bar Hill is not viable, and this is why the interchange has been moved from the previous plans.

Hopefully traffic monitoring will bear this out, but unfortunately no data was available. I have asked our local County Councillor, John Reynolds, to supply traffic monitoring data at a previous Council Meeting but nothing has been received as yet.

There were only 33 people who visited the recent consultation in the village on the A14 and who submitted a view to the Parish Council - if you don't agree with me or what the Council is proposing then let us know!