Monday, 14 October 2013

Best Foot Forward For Scooter Safety Sessions

Get on your scooter and get “ScootSmart” is the message to all young children from Cambridgeshire County Council’s Road Safety Team.

Launching a new scooter training scheme for primary aged children ScootSmart is aimed at increasing the children’s skills and confidence while scooting.  The training promotes safety awareness and a more healthy way of getting to and from school.

With increased numbers of children scooting to and from school, Schools across the County have been contacting the Road Safety Team for safety advice.

Current health advice recommends that children should take 60 minutes of activity on top of their school day.

While children are active at school, most of the time they are actually sitting down and can be happy just to chat to their friends in the playground instead of running around.

It’s more fun if an activity is something the whole family can do together, and children are more likely to join in if they see adults doing it too. Scooting to and from school and after school helps give children some of this recommended activity in a fun and healthy way.

The ScootSmart training will take place on the school playground and will be run by trained volunteer Instructors.

The launch will take place at Swavesey Primary School, on October 16, between 11.00-12.00 noon.
There will be photo opportunities of children participating on the training course

For more information contact Assistant Road Safety Officer’s Cheryl Morgan on 07771980103 or Maree Richards on 07774017925