Friday, 25 October 2013

Cambridge City Council: Successful Prosecution Of Littering Offence

A smoker was found guilty of littering at Cambridge Magistrates Court on 17 October 2013, for discarding a cigarette butt in Mill Road.

Ms Kayleigh Richardson of St Ives was proven guilty in her absence and fined £100 plus £200 costs and a £15 victim surcharge after she was witnessed dropping her cigarette butt in the street by one of the City Council's Litter Enforcement Officers.

Bob Carter, the Senior Manager for Streets and Open Spaces for Cambridge City Council, said: "Cigarette related litter is a significant nuisance, along with other litter, which spoils our beautiful city and costs hundreds of thousands of pounds each year to remove."

"The Public Realm Enforcement Team balance their enforcement activities with education and encourage the use of pocket ashtrays to enable smokers to dispose of their litter legally," said Councillor Jean Swanson, Executive Councillor for Environmental and Waste Services, who went on to say, "We issue fixed penalty notices as a means of avoiding a prosecution but if someone chooses not to pay the fixed penalty notice, the Council will prosecute. It is good that the Courts have issued this significant fine".