Sunday, 27 October 2013

Cambridgeshire Herald - October 2013

The latest edition of Cambridgeshire Herald has just been published and is in the process of being delivered throughout the County. This issue has the following stories;

  • Cambs Economy Gets European Funding Boost
  • Duff Backs Campaign For Better Local Train Services
  • Using Your Mobile Abroad Has Just Got Cheaper Thanks To MEPs
  • Better Together
  • Lib Dem MEP Concerned About Anglo-American Snooping
  • Fishing More Sustainable As Discarding Fish Is Banned
  • Getting A Fair Deal From The Banks 1 & 2
  • Deliveries Go Green As Bike And Trikes Replace Vans
  • Get Lorries Off The A14 Onto Rail
  • Don't Let The Criminals Get Away - European Arrest Warrant Must Stay Says Duff

If you'd like to contact Andrew Duff MEP then his address is;
Andrew Duff
Orwell House,
Cowley Road
Alternatively you can telephone him on 01223 566700, email at, or via his website at