Sunday, 27 October 2013 David Cameron: Stop The 11% Pay Rise For MPs' Salaries (New Petition)

Seriously ... ?
Within weeks David Cameron will be making a decision on the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority recommendation for a 11% pay rise on MPs' salaries.

That's a little over four times the September inflation rate of 2.7% - just in case you needed a sense of perspective.

The initial argument was that the 11% was justified because MP's would be giving up their generous expense accounts - not that's changed and they want the 11% rise *as well* as the generous expense accounts.

Given the current state of the economy, the cuts to education, the NHS, and the police forces it's beyond belief that MP's could even consider voting themselves an 11% pay rise. The idea that it's harder to be an MP than a trauma nurse, or a front-line police officer just shows how completely deluded anyone who would think of supporting this rise is.

The online petition against the rise is available here;

It's slightly disappointing, and you can think of this as a "top tip" when you're setting up petitions like this if you really want everyone to sign, that the person who created this petition seems to be dragging in many side-issues such as the press royal charter (which has literally nothing to do with this) but also the bonus culture, and "the actions of this government" whilst giving the previous Labour government a pass on getting us all into this mess in the first place.

Anyway, despite these reservations I am strongly opposed to an 11% rise for MP's - please sign the petition!