Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Change.Org Petition Calling On The Sun To Correct It's "Mental Illness" Story

In case you missed it the Sun run the adjacent story as it's front page item. The website is running a petition calling on the Sun to correct the sensationalism in it's mental illness story and to make amends for the hurt caused by donating it's profits from the story.

The petition is available via this link;

For the full debunking of that story you can check out this Fact Check blog post courtesy of Channel 4;

The very first sentence of the opening Key Findings section of the report the story is based on says: “Homicide by mental health patients has fallen substantially since a peak in 2006, and the figures for the most recent confirmed years, 2009-2010, are the lowest since we began data collection in 1997.”

Not that you'd have picked that up from the article.

I'd urge you to sign the petition.