Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Change.Org: Update Regarding Mental Health Campaign and The Sun

The following update has been circulated to those that signed the campaign in relation to the Sun's shameful attack on people with mental illness and the spreading of fear;
Brilliant news! Following public outcry and concern from mental health organisations, today The Sun newspaper printed a correction to their offensive front page headline which read “1,200 killed by mental patients”. 
As a psychology teacher with a family that has a history of mental health illness, I was shocked and appalled at The Sun’s coverage of such a sensitive issue. 
To my amazement, so were over 82,000 of you! The petition grew stronger and stronger, calling for a correction and donation to a mental health charity.

Last week mental health charities Rethink and Mind met with The Sun to discuss their coverage of mental health issues and responsible journalism. And today they have printed this correction.

It’s important that this correction doesn't go unnoticed. Time and again people with mental health issues are stigmatised in the media. It’s vital that when corrections are made, they are made publicly to end the stigma.

Please retweet this so that everyone can see that The Sun have corrected their front page. 
Without each and every one of you taking a stand, we couldn't have caused such a stir.
Thank you so much for your support. 
Rhiannon Lockley
It's good to see the Sun has issued this correction, especially the second paragraph which highlights that the vast majority of people with mental health problems post no thread to anyone and are "much more likely" to take their own life or self-harm than a risk to others.

It's still disappointing that they distorted the facts in the first place and ran the original story on their front page, but this is a very complete apology and contains a commitment to continue campaigning to improve treatment of mental health in the UK.