Thursday, 24 October 2013

EU Credibility At Stake: It's A Matter Of Trust

Liberal Democrat MEP Andrew Duff
The European Parliament adopted an important report today giving greater emphasis on thorough preparation of the European Defence Council of December 2013. This report is the European Parliament's position on the annual report by the Council on the EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy and outlines the main aspects of CFSP. Whilst there have been understandable difficulties in the transition to a new approach to CFSP following the Lisbon Treaty, this report now calls upon the EU's High Representative and External Action Service to show leadership through quality, courage and decisive and timely action.

ALDE MEP Andrew Duff warned that the credibility of the EU in world affairs is at stake if neither the EEAS nor the European Defence Agency are fully trusted by the larger member states.

He said " Four years after the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon the credibility of the European Union in world affairs is at stake. As the political crisis unfolds across the Mediterranean and the Middle East, as Russia flexes its muscles again, as the power of China rises and the decline of the USA starts, where is Europe?

I fear that despite the valiant efforts of Baroness Ashton, EU-NATO relations remain impaired and the single most successful tool of CFSP enlargement has almost been discarded. "

He also addressed the issue of Cyprus and Turkey "If there is one big issue which must be tackled by the European Council in December it is Cyprus. A solution to its partition is clearly beyond the capacity of Cypriots alone. The whole of the EU, with the UN, must assert that the present situation will no longer be tolerated. Turkey also faces a big decision . Either it follows the path of European pluralist liberal democracy, becomes a normal NATO partner and a serious accession partner of the EU or it chooses the path of an Islamist authoritarian democracy with an oriental foreign policy."