Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fireman Sam Shows Addenbrooke's Children That Laughter Is The Best Remedy

Children being treated at Addenbrooke's Hospital enjoyed a surprise visit from Fireman Sam as part of a week of play.

Firefighters from Cambridge's White Watch popped along to the hospital to visit children being treated on wards C2 and D2 as part of a fun-filled week for young patients to celebrate 50 years of National Play in Hospitals.

The crew arrived in a fire engine and walked the wards chatting to children, while Fireman Sam was on hand to give hugs and pose for pictures.

Sean Hedger, Watch Commander at Cambridge White Watch, said: "Seeing the eyes of the children light up at Addenbrooke's when they saw Fireman Sam was a really heart-warming feeling.

"We were so pleased that by popping along and showing them round our fire engine and giving them a little bit of excitement helped to brighten up their day."

Christine Baines, a therapeutic play manager at Addenbrooke's, said children were inspired by the firefighters' visit. She said: "Play is their language. Children can't always explain what and how they are thinking and feeling. By enabling them to play, they can express themselves confidently and safely. Events like this encourage them to laugh and to become active which supports them on the road to recovery and understanding."

The event was organised by the play team at Addenbrooke's for 'Play in Hospital week' which is supported by the National Association of Health Play Specialists and by Starlight Children's Foundation. It takes place every year but the fire engine was called specially to mark the 50th anniversary celebration.