Friday, 25 October 2013

Liberal Democrat On Energy Bills

Everybody knows the Conservatives are getting cold feet on the environment and have failed to put any properly worked up policies in front of us.

The way to provide stable fuel bills now and in the future is not to make policy on the hoof.
Liberal Democrats in Government will not allow our commitment to the environment to be undermined; hurt the fuel poor; or destroy our renewable energy industry.

Nick Clegg has always said that we should stress test every policy to make sure that there isn't a penny more on bills than necessary. Of course, we will look at the specific details of what the Tories propose. That is Coalition Government.

We will discuss the means but we are not prepared to compromise on the ends – protecting the environment; helping the fuel poor; and safeguarding our green industries and jobs.

Currently, 4% of energy bills are spent on supporting cleaner energy and 5% on assisting the fuel-poor and improving energy efficiency.