Saturday, 19 October 2013

Liberal Democrats on the Conservatives

The Conservatives on their own cannot build a fairer society. In Government we have blocked Tory plans to:

  • Allow bosses to fire staff at will
  • Regional pay penalising public sector workers in the north
  • Let schools be run for profit

Tory backbenchers have shown their true colours in recent months, not least when a group of them released their Alternative Queen’s Speech, which included plans to:

  • Bring back the death penalty
  • Ban the burka
  • Privatise the BBC
  • Introduce an annual ‘Margaret Thatcher Day’

On Conservative attempts to take credit for raising the Income Tax threshold:

Cameron to Nick in the first leaders’ debate: “I'd love to take everyone out of their first £10,000 of income tax, Nick. It's a beautiful idea, a lovely idea. We cannot afford it”

Raising the tax-free threshold to £10,000 was on the front page of our manifesto. It was not in the Conservative manifesto.

The Conservatives’ top tax priorities at the last election were cutting inheritance tax for millionaires and giving 32% of married couples a tax break.