Monday, 21 October 2013

Liberal Democrats on Foodbanks

We recognise the important role charities play in supporting local communities, beyond the safety net provided by Government.

People are still struggling after the economic crash and food banks are providing a valuable service to many families across the country.

We are also helping in other ways:
  • We have crisis loans available for those people who need emergency help. These loans can be agreed on the day.
  • We are helping around half a million low income families buy milk, fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet through the Healthy Start scheme.
  • We are also providing free fruit or veg for four to six year olds each school day through the School Fruit and Vegetables Scheme.
Food banks first started to operate in the early part of the last decade under Labour. And under Labour, the number of people using food banks increased over 10 times.

In 2011, the Coalition overturned a Labour decision banning Job Centre advisors referring claimants who need additional help to food banks (which explains part of the increase in their use).

The Director of the Trussell Trust said: “Their decision means people on the breadline will now get the help they need more easily and that's of course what matters to us in the food bank network.”