Sunday, 20 October 2013

Liberal Democrats on Social Mobility

Welcoming the first annual report of the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission, Nick Clegg speaking on the 17th October said:

“Social mobility is about the desire of every parent that their children should do better than they did. There is a fear in Britain today that the credit crunch marked the end of a century of progress in which every generation lived better than the last.

“I don’t believe we should simply shrug our shoulders and accept that. That is why we are determined to tackle the host of deep problems that governments have failed to address for decades: lack of house building; uncontrolled borrowing; a long tail of educational underachievement; low investment in energy infrastructure.

“The cost of dealing with these problems is now, unfairly, falling on working families. That is why we are also working hard to help people with the cost of living, from free school meals for children in infant school to freezing fuel duty and council tax, and making work pay by ensuring no-one pays tax on the first £10,000 they earn.

“In Opposition, I accused Labour of having squandered a golden age during its time in office. It wasn’t until I came into government that I realised quite how true that was. The Coalition has faced difficult times, and yet has done far more to solve long-term problems and build an open society than Labour managed at a time of plenty. There remains a long road to travel. However, as growth returns, I believe Britain will be fairer, more balanced and more open than before thanks to the far-reaching changes we have begun.”