Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Make Sparks Fly With Firework Poster Competition

Cambridge children are being encouraged to get creative by designing a fire safety poster ahead of fireworks night.

Enthusiastic artists can design their poster around one or a number of fire safety messages aimed at making families aware of the dangers around fireworks and bonfires.

The firework poster competition is being run in conjunction with the Cambridge News and the winning entry will be printed in the newspaper on November 4 and displayed at the fire station. The winner will also be invited to the new fire station to have a tour with Black Watch, which is the crew of firefighters organising the competition.

Crew Commander Ed Miller said: "Bonfire Night is a big event in our calendar and we really want to get families thinking about how they can stay safe while using fireworks or spending time around bonfires.

"We really want families and children to sit down together and talk about fire safety at this time of year and what better way to get children involved than to ask them to show off their artistic talents and design a poster."

Popular safety messages to theme your poster around include:
  • Fireworks can be dangerous - never play with fireworks, always make sure you read the instructions and store them safely. 
  • Bonfires spread quickly - build yours away from property, don't burn plastics and rubbers, keep children and animals away and never pour flammable liquids to light it. 
  • Attend a professionally organised display - a safe, entertaining and great night out for all the family.
For more safety messages about firework and bonfire safety, please log on to

Entries should be marked "Firework poster competition" and emailed to or posted to Firework Poster Competition, Parkside Place Community Fire Station, Parkside, Cambridge, CB1 1JF. All entrants should enclose their name, age, address, and the telephone number and email address of a parent or guardian. The closing date for entries is Friday, November 1.