Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Minutes Published for 19-SEP-2013 Parish Council Meeting (In Draft, Pending Approval at the October Meeting)

Bar Hill Parish Council 
Minutes of Monthly Parish Council Meeting 
Held in The Parish Council Office at 7.00 pm on Thursday 19 September 2013 

PLEASE NOTE: These are DRAFT minutes, they could be altered or approved at the October meeting. For the final (agreed) minutes please contact the Parish Council officers.

Present: L Baffa Clerk (LB) , C Foley Councillor (CF) , R Hall Councillor (RH) , B Howard Councillor (BH), S Jenkins Vice-Chair (SJ), A Mitchell Councillor (AM), S Munford Councillor (SM), A Pellew Councillor (AP), M Pope Councillor (MP), A Saunders Councillor (AS), B Waters Councillor (BW), and J York Councillor (JY) 

Open Forum 
Wiser Recycling - Paul Duggen of Wiser Recycling attended the meeting to give details of his company that collect unwanted white goods, such as washing machines, irons, kettles, light bulbs etc. and then either recycle to new homes or strip down for the waste product. They collect from the kerbside on a specified date, which is advertised in advance. 

They currently work with the County Council and local schools and churches are also involved. A question and answer session then took place and it was agreed that Bar Hill would ask Wiser Recycling to visit the village just before Christmas, to enable residents to dispose of their unwanted items. It was also agreed the a piece would be put in the Bar Hill News for November and December to remind residents of this event and the Clerk will liaise with Paul Duggen in the meantime.

Bar Hill Cricket Club – Simon attended the meeting to inform the Parish Council that they were now in a position to purchase a new storage shed to be placed next to the existing containers to the rear of the village green. The ground works will be done by a group of volunteers at a cost of approximately £1,500 and should be in place by the start of next season. 

On leaving the meeting MP proposed that we ask the Cricket Club to extend the concrete base slightly and offer them a contribution of say £200 as this would clean up the area considerably. It was agreed that this would be put on the agenda for October for further discussion.

1.0 To receive apologies and declaration of interest 
Catherine Foley and Simon Munford were welcomed to the Parish Council after signing their declaration of acceptance to office. Apologies have then received from BG and SS. There was a declaration of interest given by RH for item No. 4.2 on the agenda. 

2.0 To Approve Minutes of Parish Council Meeting on 19th July 2013 
The Minutes for the Parish Council Meeting held on 19th July 2013 were read and approved as a true record. Proposed by AP and seconded by JY. All in favour. 

3.0 Matters for discussion and decisions to be made from previous minutes 
3.1 Midas Care Ltd – update 
The Clerk informed the meeting that she has once again written to our Solicitor with regard to the lease agreement and she then went on to explain the current situation with regard to Ginn & Co, who is being merged with Woodfines at the end of September due to Madeleine Barham taking retirement. 

She will carry on with Woodfines for a further 6 months to ensure a smooth transition of the 2 companies. It was agreed the Clerk would contact the Solicitor after 27th September to see if there are any further developments. AM also asked if the Parish Council could receive the pricing structure of Woodfines.

3.2 The Farmhouse – update 
Planning permission has now been granted and the new tenant is hoping to open for business by the 28th October. She is in the process of decorating the interior and has informed the Clerk that the boiler has a small fault and this will be addressed in the next few days. Also her proposed opening hours have been received and the hours were agreed. 

The lease agreement is still to be done and as in item 3.1 the Solicitor has been asked to hurry this along in time for the opening. 

As part of the planning approval cycle racks must be in place before the opening and the Clerk presented prices for cycle racks for the Council for approval. These were looked at and MP proposed that we purchase and install a Sheffield Cycle Stand at £35 each and 2 would be required and this was seconded by AS. All in favour.

3.3 Skate Park – update 
PCSO Mani Bujar has requested a meeting on Wednesday 2nd October At 11am but it was generally felt that as there seemed to be no urgency and that full Parish Council should be present, Mani and Sergeant Paul Rogerson will be invited to our next Parish Council Meeting on 17th October.

The Clerk suggested that a Volunteer Day be organised to have the Skate Park cleared of rubbish and agreement was given. She will therefore contact Sharon Harrower of FOOTPATH and ask if this could be arranged for some time in October. DRE Pest Control has been contacted for a quotation for on-going treatment of rats at the Skate Park area.

3.4 Green Flag Certification 
AM informed the meeting that the Green Flag Certification is for villages with places of cleanliness and beauty, and this is organised by the Keep Britain Tidy Campaign. It was agreed that photographs would be taken of various areas in the village, such as the Nature Reserve and these will be sent along with a short descriptive piece about the village. 

4.0 Clerks Financial and Procedural Report 
4.1 Approval of works by the Parish Council 
There were no works for approval at this meeting. 

4.2 Request for Donation for Research for Pancreatic Cancer 
A letter and request form has been completed for a donation to the above appeal. It was agreed that as this would not benefit the village directly, then we would be unable to contribute towards this cause. However, RH asked the Clerk to inform the applicant that the Residents Association may be able to help with a small donation. 

4.3 Village Hall Accounts 
There were inspected and noted and filed. It was also noted their AGM will be held on Thursday 26th September if any Councillor wished to attend. 

4.4 Approval of accounts and payment of cheques for August and September 
The Parish Council went through the accounts for August and cheques paid and these were approved and proposed by AP and seconded by AM. All in favour. 

The Parish Council then went through the accounts and cheques to be paid for September and these were proposed by AP and seconded by RH. All in favour. 

The correspondence and accounts are available to view in the Parish Council Office, Hanover Close, Off Viking Way, Bar Hill 

5.0 Correspondence Received 
5.1 SCDC. Letter from Clerk with regard to the possibility of litter bins being installed in Trafalgar Way for the HGV drivers to use. After a short discussion the contents were noted and filed.  
5.2 County Council Winter Gritting Schedule. The Clerk has already replied to this letter indicating that the Parish Council would welcome Gladeside being added to the main winter gritting schedule because of the Primary School, Library and Post office. Noted and filed. 
5.3 County Council Transport Strategy. Due to the size of the consultation documents, Councillors may come to the office at any time to inspect them. Noted and filed 
5.4 SCDC Planning Policy Monthly Update. This was sent to the Parish Council prior to the meeting, so therefore it was noted and filed. 
5.5 Email from Colts Football Club and their imminent purchase of a sit down lawn mower. This was noted and filed. 
5.6 Letter from resident on improvements to the front of the property. The letter was sent prior to the meeting and a Councillor has already site visited the area. It was agreed that letter be sent to them informing them that an inspection has taken place by a Councillor and it is our current policy not to lease or sell land to residents. 
5.7 Tom Flanagan (donation). A donation of £1000 has been received from Tom Flanagan’s estate as a contribution towards our Tree Planting Scheme. It was agreed that Councillors would look at areas that could be dedicated to Tom Flanagan and where the donation could be spent. 
5.8 County Council – Connecting Cambridgeshire (faster broadband). This was noted and filed. 
5.9 Ginn & Co. As already discussed, the Parish Council Solicitor is being taken over by Woodfines from 1st October 2013.  
5.10 Viking Way legal matters. AP proposed that the Clerk seeks the pricing structure of LGSS (who specialises in Parish Councils) and once this has been obtained seek legal advice on this matter and this was seconded by BW. All in favour. 
5.11 Residents Association. A request has been received for use of the village green for the Fete in 2014. SJ proposed that permission be granted and this was seconded by AS. All in favour. 
5.12 Village Hall Management Committee. After a short debate it was agreed that the Clerk would contact the Management Committee and indicate that the Parish Council have no knowledge or experience of solar panels and if they contact the District Council they may be able to help them with putting them in contact with companies that provide grants. 
5.13 SCDC – Publication of proposed submission. Noted and filed. 

6.0 Chairs Report 
Cambridge to Huntingdon A14 Improvements – John Reynolds was asked for his opinion on the improvement plans and he replied that he was not convinced that all the information has been provided to enable the reader to make a valued comment. There have been no traffic flow statistics given and he would like to see on the plans where the existing roads are and how the proposed changes would affect the existing roads. MP commented that he was horrified to see that Bar Hill was to become a major interchange which would have significant effect on the village. 

A discussion then took place and it was agreed that the Clerk would contact the County Council and ask for a presentation at a Special Meeting in the Parish Council office after the exhibition has taken place on 1st and 2nd October. JR will let the Clerk know who she needs to contact. C 

It was also agreed that a Parish Councillor presence was needed at the Village Hall on the exhibition dates and the Clerk will produce a document for resident’s comments. These views will then be collated and published in a future edition of the Bar Hill News. Councillors will inform the Clerk at what times they will be able to man the desk on these dates. C 

7.0 Committee Reports 
a) Planning Committee 
A brief discussion took place on whether to publish planning applications in the Bar Hill News at BW’s suggestion but because of the timescale involved this would not be feasible, however, once the website is up and running it was agreed that planning application numbers could be published on the website with a link to SCDC.  

b) Environment Committee  
The minutes have been distributed and there was nothing further to discuss. 

8.0 Other Reports 
a) South Cambridgeshire District Council – Nothing to report at this time.  
b) Cambridgeshire County Council – JR has already given his thoughts under the Chairs Report on the A14 improvements.  

Parish Council meeting Room – Colts Football Club have asked if they could use the meeting room for their meetings. After a brief debate MP proposed that if this does not impact on the Village Hall, then we should say yes at £5 per session and this would apply to all organisations wishing to use the meeting room. This was seconded by BW. All in favour. C 

Sale of Freeholds – The Clerk informed the Council of the issues that have now arisen with regard to the sale of freeholds, as there has been a recent change to the regulations by H M Land Registry, which now makes the process a lot more involved and will also have financial implications to the Parish Council. After a lengthy discussion MP proposed that the Parish Council Solicitor take over the sale of the freeholds and this was seconded by AM. All in favour. C 

Website – SM very kindly agreed to help the Clerk with the setting up of the new website. 

Environmental Issues – AS was given confirmation that one of the new lidded bins would be installed at the children play area. BH was given confirmation that where the Willow tree was recently taken out at Pheasant Rise, there would be a replanting of a new tree to take its place. AM asked for some bushes to be cut back at 138 Pheasant Rise. C 

Next Meeting - There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.55pm. The next full Parish Council Meeting will take place on Thursday 17th October 2013 at 7.00pm in the Parish Council Office.