Friday, 25 October 2013

Nick Clegg And Julian Huppert Visit Sunflower Nursery

Nick Clegg was in Cambridge today promoting the Lib Dem's extension of free childcare to 2-year-olds. The scheme that started in September. Nick said this will make a "huge difference" to families struggling with the cost of living. It will ensure  that 130,000 2-year-olds from the poorest backgrounds will be given 15 hours of free childcare at nurseries like Sunflower.

Sunflower welcomed Nick, and have said that "additional funding for childcare will undoubtedly help parents to work and train". They also took the opportunity to raise with Nick how the scheme could be improved for those wishing to work full-time.

Nick also took the opportunity to praise Julian's work in Cambridge, with his typical concise manner.

Nick said - “if one looks at what Julian has done both locally, but also what he’s achieving nationally, I very much hope and certainly believe that Julian will be re-elected.”