Thursday, 3 October 2013

Stepping Up To Set The Scene For Safer Sustainable Travel

Young people across Cambridgeshire will be discovering the benefits of walking, cycling and scooting to school with the help of some exciting and hilarious theatre shows.

Schools across the County are looking forward to the programme of performances organised by Cambridgeshire County Council’s Road Safety Education team. In total 25 schools will be taking part (see below for details).

The shows “Carless Talk” for primary schools and “The Man From the Council” for secondary schools, are being be staged as part of International Walk to School Month which takes place worldwide throughout October. The shows in Cambridgeshire take place between October 7-21.

The shows are presented by Momo Theatre, who are renowned for their educational and entertaining productions that put across important messages in a fun way, which audiences of all ages enjoy. Imagine Laurel and Hardy trying to present a serious lecture and you can probably get a good idea of what will happen!

Road safety, health and fitness, climate change, environmental issues, and the benefits of sustainable travel, are all covered in this enjoyable programme.

County Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Highways and Community Infrastructure, Councillor Mac McGuire, said: “I think this is an excellent opportunity to promote the health and safety of young people as well as concern for the environment. Although many children do already walk, scoot or cycle to school, large numbers are still dropped at the school gates because parents and carers are concerned about safety.

“Encouraging active travel can help by enabling children to get to school under their own power in safety. This event demonstrates that there are fun and healthy ways for children to travel to school, which don't cause congestion or pollution.”