Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lib Dems Push For Flexible Working To Witness The Tour De France

Cllr Ian Manning (LD, East Chesterton)
Cambridgeshire Lib Dems want the county council to give their full-time staff flexible working to allow them to attend the Tour de France when it passes through Cambridge and South Cambs next summer.

As the race is due to visit the area on Monday, July 7, it could be difficult for full-time workers to take time off to watch.

Cambridgeshire County Council staff and managers should be given flexible arrangements to attend the event, they say. And they want the county council to encourage other businesses to do the same.

They have put forward their idea in a motion to the council recognising the “excellent working relationship” between the county council and Cambridge City Council which secured the third stage of the 2014 race for Cambridge and South Cambs.

Councillor Ian Manning, who represents Cambridge’s East Chesterton on the county council said: “This is a unique opportunity for the people of Cambridgeshire and it would be a real shame if they were to miss out on witnessing this historic event when flexible working could allow them to attend.

“I hope the county council and other businesses across Cambridgeshire will find ways to allow their staff to enjoy the event and be part of history in the making.”

The full text of Cllr Manning’s motion reads:

This Council recognises the excellent working relationship which resulted in Cambridge City Council and this Council securing the third stage of the 2014 Tour de France in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire.

This Council believes:

  • The Tour is an overwhelmingly positive event for the City and the region and a unique opportunity for the people of Cambridgeshire 
  • That the Council has a role in encouraging a strong show of support from local residents, businesses and voluntary groups. 

However, this Council notes:

  • The date of the Tour, 7th July, is a Monday and therefore it will be difficult for those who work full time to witness it first hand 

Therefore, this Council resolves to;

  • Allow staff & managers flexibility in operational arrangements to enable attendance by staff at the event 
  • Publicly encourage Cambridgeshire businesses to do the same