Sunday, 8 December 2013

Bar Hill Skate Park ... Last Few Days!

The survey has passed 150 responses (to give you some idea how significant that it I think the A14 survey managed about 30) - it would be nice to get this to over 200 before the Parish Council meeting which will be setting the budget, and therefore the Precept (Council Tax), for next year.

Local residents responses will be key for the Parish Council to determine funding for the next year - if you haven't completed the survey yet I'd urge you to go to the link below, it's only a few questions and should take less than a minute of your time;

If you're unable (or unwilling) to complete the survey online please feel free to print out a copy of the leaflet to the right (or available here - via Google Drive) and drop it round to me at the address on the leaflet.

Needless to say I will post an update as soon as I'm able on the result of the meeting.