Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Cambridge Carbon Footprint: Christmas Greetings

Season's greetings and welcome to the final newsletter of 2013. Christmas is nigh and we can see the New Year approaching just around the corner...

Meanwhile, the CCF office has grown! Our office mates, the Relationship Foundation, have flown to another venue so we are lucky enough to have the entire room to ourselves here at the CityLife house. We now have our whole library on display and a nice big table for any one who would like to drop by and read a book or borrow an energy monitor!

Before you go on to enjoy this update with the latest news and events, just a reminder that there is still one opportunity avaliable to volunteer as a CCF Trustee. Could this be for you? If you are interested please contact Tom Bragg (tom@cambridgecarbonfootprint.org) to talk it over.

Happy holidays!

1. 'Eat local' challenge starting in January
January 13-26, 2014

Keen to start the new year with a rewarding resolution? Then join the group of brave and adventurous souls who are committing to sourcing all of their food from within a 30-mile radius of Cambridge for three weeks in January, with an extra emphasis on reducing meat and dairy intake (note: allowance is made for five ingredients (such as rice, tea, quinoa, spices etc) that are not local…just to ensure you are getting the proper nutrition and still enjoy your food)!

Participants will also have the opportunity to write about their experiences on our sustainable food blog, and to meet other participants at a bring-and-share meal.

There's lots more information on the CCF website, but to take part in the challenge and join up with other local eaters you just need to email elaina@cambridgecarbonfootprint.org.

2. Thermal imaging training
January 14, 7.30pm - 9.30pm, CCF Offices, Citylife House, Sturton Street, CB1 2QF

Thermal imaging is a great way to identify the best ways to improve insulation and air tightness, and at CCF we’re lucky to have not one but two thermal cameras! You can find more information on the benefits of infrared surveys on our thermal imaging page, but if you’d like to use one to see where your home is leaking heat sign up for our free training session?

Participants in the training session will learn not only how to use our thermal imaging cameras, but more importantly how to interpret the results. Once trained participants will be able to borrow our thermal imaging cameras to survey their own homes (and those of others if they’d like) and identify any trouble spots.

If you’d like to come please email info@cambridgecarbonfootprint.org to book your spot. Be warned, there’s only 12 spots available and they book out quickly!

3. Get (and stay) motivated towards a low carbon life
January 23, 7.00- 8.30pm, the Centre at St Pauls, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1JP.

Keen to start the new year with some clean green habits?

How can you maintain inspiration to make sustainable choices?

Where do you draw strength from?

Highlighting the benefits and bringing research findings for our practical Get (and stay) motivated towards a low carbon life is an interactive talk with Sandra Boegelein, a psychologist from the world-renowned Tyndall Centre for climate change research.

No booking necessary.
4. Swishing, Fabric and Craft supply swap
January 25, 3.00pm (on the dot) until 5.00pm at St Andrews Street Baptist Church, CB2 3AR

Come along to refresh your wardrobe in the new year as well as your hobbies! Swap your clothes, fabric and craft supplies in the Upper Hall of the St Andrews Street Baptist Church. Swishings are a great way of scoring yourself some new clothes, without costing anything, especially not carbon!

Please note it's in a different venue than last time, this one is close to the centre of town on St Andrews Street, CB2 3AR. See you there!

5. 'Local Food Roots' film and a bring and share meal...
January 28, 7.00pm - 9.00pm, Friends meeting house, Jesus Lane CB5 8BA

'Local Food Roots' is a new film celebrating the local food movement in the UK over the last 30 years. It runs for 35minutes, info and the trailer can be found here:http ://localfoodfilm . org . uk/
As watching all that yummy food being grown, shared and eating is sure to inspire an appetite, please bring along a plate of food to share with others after the screening.

To book, please email info@cambridgecarbonfootprint.org.

6. Food For a Greener Future Conference
February 8, 9.30am - 5.30pm, Emmanuel United Reformed Church, CB2 1RR

As many of you know the main event of the Food for a Greener Future campaign will be thesustainable food conference on the 8th of February next year - and booking is now open! The conference is gearing up to be super interesting with lots of great speakers and workshops (you can read all about it on the website).

We'd love as many hands on deck as we can leading up to the conference, and also on the 8th of Feb itself. So if you'd like to score yourself a free ticket, or are just an awesome human bean, please let us know which of the following roles suits you:

- Folks who like writing, and would enjoy getting in touch with local newspapers, newsletters and putting the word around about the conference.
- Anyone who would like to walk around the town for an hour or so putting up posters, and flyers on fences, shop fronts and all sorts.
- General event help on the 8th of Feb, such as arranging furniture, working the PA system during the big talks, food servers, and dish washers.... oh so many things!

Many hands make light work, and this conference is going to be splendid with your help! If you help out on the day, you'll still be able to attend most of the sessions cos we won't put you to work all day, promise! Please contact Joss if you would like to help out: jocelyn@cambridgecarbonfootprint.org
7. Carbon Conversations
Keen to kick-start your low carbon life in the new year? Carbon Conversations is 6 sessions in a small group to help you do just that! Each session is a supportive space to:

- Learn about the impact of our food, travel, consumption and energy use
- Share ideas and create plans
- Talk and meet new people
- Begin to get a grip on climate change

We're setting dates/locations for groups to start in February. Please emailinfo@cambridgecarbonfootprint.org and let us know if you'd like to join a group, or if you have a group and would like our facilitators to come to you!
8. Eco-coaching opportunity
Are you interested in becoming an eco coach? Would you like to help shape and develop CCF's new eco-coaching programme? We’re keen to recruit and train a few key volunteers to deliver one-to-one coaching to people seeking a more personalised, in-depth approach to carbon reduction. For further details, contact info@cambridgecarbonfootprint.org. Training will start in mid-January 2014.

9. Cambridge Sustainable Food Network update
We had a very enthusiastic and productive first meeting of the Cambridge Sustainable Food Network steering group on December 10th. We now have 11 members representing seven different organisations, as well as two city councillors (Carina O’Reilly and Sarah Brown) and a council officer (Helen Brookes). These are the three key issues we have decided to work on (although they naturally link with other areas such as food poverty, community food projects and education and skills):
Food waste
Food enterprises
Healthy and sustainable diet

We are also working on a draft of a Cambridge food charter, which we aim to put out for consultation at the Food for a Greener Future conference on February 8th, where we will report on progress so far with the new network. By then we should also have a website up and running.

And finally, we are applying for a stall at the big Eat Cambridge event on May 17th, where we can showcase our member organisations and provide information on what sustainable food means in the context of Cambridge and what actions people and organisations can take. There will also be tastings, quizzes and demonstrations. Let us know if you are interested in getting involved by emailing bev@cambridgecarbonfootprint.org!

10. Food for a Greener Future: delicious seasonal recipes!
It’s that time of year again when people say “I can understand how you can enjoy eating local, seasonal vegetables in the summer and autumn, but how on earth do you manage in the winter? Isn’t it just a question of cabbage and spuds!” (In fact, the hardest time of year to eat seasonal fruit and veg is in the spring, in April, when things winter veg are running out and the new season’s produce hasn’t appeared yet.) The winter is a wonderful time to eat seasonal vegetables, and here are some fantastic recipes from our resources section, including some delicious gourmet dishes from Tine Roche of the award-winning Cambridge Cookery School (congratulations, Tine!) and some low-carbon Christmas recipes.

If you have any more suggestions for low-carbon Christmas recipes or dealing with all those Christmas leftovers, let us know! We can put them on our food blog and then add them to the recipe section in ‘Resources’. Send any ideas tobev@cambridgecarbonfootprint.org.

11. Meeting Passivhaus Standards for Retrofit Schemes
January 15, 2014, 5.30-8.00pm, The Technology Partnership, Melbourn Science Park, Melbourn, Hertfordshire, SG8 6EE

Passivhaus standards are set very high for new builds, but how can we bring our existing building stock to Passivhaus standards? Achieving Passivhaus certification for retrofit projects is possible so join us on the day to hear about case studies and some solutions for retrofitting our existing building stock. There will also be the chance to visit Integrity Buildings Cambridge Passivhaus showcase from 4pm.

This event is being run by Cambridge Cleantech Building Technologies SIG and their events often sell out fast, so book your place here now!

12. Seedy Sunday - a date for your diary!
January 19, 1.30-4.00pm, Trumpington Village Hall, High Street, Trumpington CB2 9HZ

Trumpington Seedy Sunday is a regular annual event for grow-your-own fans in the local area. Note the date now!
You can:
bring self-saved seeds to exchange
exchange bought surplus seed
take seeds in exchange for a small donation

If you don't have any spare seeds, don't worry - there are always plenty to go round.
As well as the seed swap, there will be stalls, talks, a childrens' activity, possibly a film & discussion, and tea and cakes from Trumpington Women's Institute. Entry costs £1.50 for adults (children free). Check out the webpage here for more details.

If you are willing and able to publicise Trumpington Seedy Sunday or to help on 19th January anytime between 12:00 and 17:30, please contact the organisers: seedysunday@allotments.net

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