Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Liberal Democrats On the Future Of UK Fiscal Policy

The Liberal Democrats are signed up to the Coalition Government’s fiscal consolidation programme, which finishes in 2017/18.

Full spending plans have been agreed up to end of this Parliament (2015/16) but no specific plans have or will be agreed beyond that.

It will be for both parties to set out at the 2015 election how they will complete the balancing of the books. The Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives will almost certainly have very different views on the mixture of tax rises and spending cuts required. For example, the Liberal Democrats will be proposing a mansion tax, which has been vigorously opposed by the Conservatives.

As the wording in the Green Book made clear, both parties will set out an independent fiscal policy at the next election.

But the Liberal Democrats have also been clear that even when the books have been balanced, we must continue to get our national debt down. To not do so is unfair to our children and grandchildren and will not help us build a stronger economy in a fairer society.

Read Danny Alexander MP's article in today's Independent:

The Liberal Democrats are not lurching to the left or the right