Monday, 16 December 2013

Liberal Democrats on Legal Highs

A review of new psychoactive substances is being launched in a bid to clamp down on the trade in potentially fatal drugs, the Coalition Government announced today.

The review will look at how the UK’s laws, and enforcement against, so-called ‘legal highs’ can be improved. Options include the expansion of legislation to ensure police and law enforcement agencies have better tailored powers.

The Coalition Government is determined to clamp down on the reckless trade in so-called ‘legal highs’ which has tragically already claimed the lives of far too many young people in our country.

Despite being marketed as legal alternatives to banned drugs, users cannot be sure of what they contain and the impact they will have on their health. Nor can they even be sure that they are legal.

Our review will consider how current legislation can be better tailored to enable the police and law enforcement officers to combat this dangerous trade and ensure those involved in breaking the law are brought to justice.

NBOMe and Benzofury are drugs which have caused serious harm and in some cases death to those who have taken them. Outlawing them is crucial in the battle to restrict their supply and use.

The review will be led by the Home Office with input from experts in law enforcement, science, health and academia.