Sunday, 15 December 2013

Liberal Democrats on Pupil Premium

The Liberal Democrats put the Pupil Premium on the front page of our manifesto and we are delivering it in Government. Giving support to the poorest pupils helps to build the fairer society that Liberal Democrats want to create.

Figures out today show the poorest primary school children are closing the gap on their wealthier peers.

It is encouraging to see that the attainment gap continues to narrow between the worst off and their peers but there is more work to be done.

Today’s figures show a number of local authorities with unacceptable levels of attainment for poorer pupils. Schools in these areas must do better.

We are supporting teachers by increasing the Pupil Premium for primary schools by £400 to £1,300 per pupil from next year so they have the resources they need.

And Ofsted is rightly placing more focus on the attainment of disadvantaged pupils during their inspections - so schools will be held to account for poor performance.