Wednesday, 11 December 2013

New Vehicle Helps Rapid Response Team Get On The Spot Fast

Cambridge City Council’s Rapid Response Team has taken charge of a purpose-built vehicle to help them keep Cambridge’s streets and open spaces looking at their best.

The vehicle contains hot and cold power-washing facilities plus tools and equipment to help them undertake anything from washing down roads and pavements after spillages to small installation jobs. It means that the team can now provide an even quicker response to issues affecting the city’s streets and open spaces that are brought to their attention.

The City Council established the Rapid Response Team in April this year to enhance the work already undertaken by its Streets & Open Spaces cleansing service. They have already successfully completed more than 1000 tasks, ranging from clearing broken glass to oil spills. The team are on call until 6pm during the winter months and until 8pm in the summer. When they are not responding to immediate customer requests they will help improve the overall quality of cleansing already being carried out, through tasks such as washing down street furniture and road signs.

Cllr Tim Bick, Leader of Cambridge City Council said: "For us basic front line services are a priority: one on which we know the public backs us up. With our population and numbers of visitors increasing, this new team - now armed with their new machine - will help us to stay on top of the accumulation of grime."

Cllr Jean Swanson, Executive Councillor for Environmental and Waste Services, said: "I am delighted that this team is now fully operational – it will improve the council’s response to some of the anti-social things that happen on our streets and open spaces, and support our cleansing service."

Don Blair, Street Cleansing Manager at Cambridge City Council, said: "This team means that we do not now have to pull teams from other tasks to deal with issues such as spillages or other urgent requirements. They are available at the end of a phone and are resourced to deal with the majority of public realm issues quickly and efficiently."

The Rapid Response Team can be contacted via the council’s Customer Service desk on 01223 458282 or at streets&