Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Recycling Champions Impressed By Paper Mill

Cambridge’s Recycling Champions visited a paper mill on Friday to see first-hand how paper is recycled. Palm Paper in Kings Lynn, which takes paper for recycling from Cambridge, is one of the largest and most powerful newsprint paper machines in the world.

The City Council’s executive councillor for Environmental and Waste services, Cllr Jean Swanson said, "I was very pleased to hear that the Recycling Champions had this opportunity to see paper being recycled. Having visited similar places before, I understand how important these trips are as it really brings home the importance of recycling and making sure the right items go in the right bin."

Recycling Champions are a network of local volunteers who help friends, neighbours, colleagues and the general public to throw away less rubbish and recycle more.

Recycling Champion Hilary Sugai said. "It was fascinating seeing the old magazines and newspapers being transformed into huge rolls of shiny white paper. The whole process of paper being pulped, cleaned, pressed, dried and packaged was precise and it was amazing to see how high quality the paper was."

Last year Cambridge recycled 6,000 tonnes of paper and card but threw away 2,000 tonnes that could have been recycled. If recycled, this material could have generated around £80,000 for the City Council to use on running vital services.

In Cambridge you can recycle all your paper and card in your blue bin, including envelopes, Christmas cards and wrapping paper. It takes just 7 days for a recycled newspaper to come back as a newspaper again.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Recycling Champions scheme you can email recycling.champions@cambridge.gov.uk or call 01223 458240.