Thursday, 19 December 2013

This Wouldn't Happen Without The Liberal Democrats

Today is a good day - we're creating another 200,000 green jobs right here in Britain.

They're part of the Energy Act, which Lib Dems have worked so hard to steer through Parliament, and it has just become law.

Some Conservatives apparently call this "green crap" - but we're proud to be the party of green. The environment is, and will always be, a priority for us. If you agree, tell us why now.

These 200,000 jobs are another example of something that simply wouldn't have happened without the Lib Dems in Government - and we're only here thanks to your support.

Help spread the word by telling me why the environment matters to you.

As long as the Lib Dems are in Government you may carry on hearing Tories complaining about "green crap" - but we should tell people the green truth: it's about creating jobs and projecting the environment.

With green growth, we're building a strong economy and a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life.

Best wishes,

Ed Davey