Monday, 20 January 2014

Cambridge City: Council And Police Act To Contain Illegal Party

Cambridge City Council’s noise team worked with police officers when local residents called in the early hours of Sunday morning about a party being held in a disused warehouse in Mercers Row, Cambridge.

Between 300 - 400 people were found to be in the former Eaden Lilley building, where a sound system had been set up. In view of the nature and location of the event and the numbers of people involved, it was decided not to try to intervene at the time, but to monitor and to allow the party to come to a safe end.

Insp. Steve Poppitt, of Cambridge police said “We took the view that, although we sympathised with local residents about the disturbance, the safety of officers and those attending the event outweighed considerations about trying to end the party early, by an intervention which may have had unfortunate consequences.”

Cllr. Jean Swanson, Executive Councillor for Environment added “The Council has been in contact with the building’s owners and it has been secured to prevent a further incident of this sort. Whilst it is regrettable that we were not able to close the event down earlier, much greater police resources would have been required to do so safely. With the police we sought to prevent a public order problem.”