Monday, 13 January 2014

Liberal Democrat Membership

The Liberal Democrats now have hundreds more members than a year ago after a dramatic surge in new members joining in the second half of 2013.

This is the first time in recent history a governing party has increased its membership over a year while in power and the first time the Liberal Democrats have increased membership outside of an election period in more than a decade.

However, Liberal Democrats grew by nearly 1000 members in total in 2013.

The Liberal Democrats are now recruiting at least 500 new members every month, with more than 1,000 recruited in November and December, and expect to continue increasing our membership in 2014.

Party President Tim Farron said:

“We’ve been through the mill over the last few years but the feel good factor is back in the Liberal Democrats. We showed in Eastleigh that we can still win in the toughest circumstances and that put a spring back in everyone’s step.

“You can sense a change in the mood on the doorsteps too. People are starting to give the Liberal Democrats credit for some of the good things the Coalition has done – like raising the tax-free allowance to £10,000 to give everyone a £700 tax cut; free school meals for infants; and shared parental leave.

“They are also noticing the difference we have made in stopping the worst excesses of the Conservatives, like stopping them allowing bosses to fire staff at will; giving inheritance tax cuts to millionaires; or allowing the government to snoop on your emails.

“Being a member of the Liberal Democrats isn’t like being a member of another party. Our members have a real say in our policies and our elections and they have a hard-earned reputation for fighting for their communities all year round. Being a member of the Liberal Democrats means you can make a real difference in your community and your party.”

A Liberal Democrat source added: “This is an astonishing turnaround. Mainstream parties have been shedding members left, right and centre for decades. To increase our membership in this way at all is impressive, to do so while in Government in a period of austerity is incredible. We have not only picked ourselves up off the floor we are back out there, campaigning with confidence and conviction, and proving that we can win again.”