Monday, 6 January 2014

Simple Swaps For Healthier Family Shops

Local health chiefs are supporting a national campaign where just small swaps on a January shopping list can mean big healthy changes in fat and sugar intake.

The ‘Smart Swaps’ campaign calls on families to sign up and make one easy change – like swapping sugary drinks to low sugar drinks, or swapping a biscuit for a piece of fruit.

The campaign comes at a time when being overweight or obese is high up on the health agenda because of the risks to health. Currently it is estimated that around 21 per cent of people in Cambridgeshire are obese, approximately one fifth of the county’s population.

Dr Liz Robin, Cambridgeshire County Council’s Director for Public Health, said: “Signing up to Smart Swaps means that by making simple changes to what you eat and drink it is possible to have  a real and healthy impact on your diet. For the average family this could mean a reduction of three quarters a bag of sugar over four weeks. Over a period of time this really starts to add up."

Those who sign up to the ‘Smart Swaps’ campaign will receive a FREE Smart Swapper full of healthier swap and meal ideas, money off vouchers and fridge magnets as well as supportive emails and texts throughout the month.  A FREE Smart Recipes app will also be available with tasty, quick and healthier meal ideas, which can be downloaded from iTunes and GooglePlay.

County Councillor Tony Orgee, Cambridgeshire Cabinet Member for Health and Well Being, said: “January always makes us want to eat healthily and Change4Life’s Smart Swaps campaign makes it easy to start the year off with some healthier changes to your diet. There’s never been a better time to start so why not give Smart Swaps a go!”

To sign up to smart swaps, click here.