Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Become A Councillor? By Cllr Susan van de Ven

In January Susan organised a drop-in event at Meldreth Village Hall for anyone interested in learning more about what your local Councillors do and potentially becoming a Councillor themselves. District Council, and County Council elections take place every year across South Cambridgeshire and Meldreth and Shepreth have both Parish Council and District Council elections in May.

Several people came along, keen to take part in local democracy. One was Philippa Hart who has been involved in local community groups for many years, including as chair of Meldreth Primary School PTA. She has also been a Meldreth School Governor, served on the Meldreth Parish Plan Steering Committee back in 2003, and taught Safer Cycling at Meldreth School for eight years. Together with Serena Wynn, who also attended the drop-in, Philippa organised the successful Meldreth Royal Wedding and Jubilee street parties.

Current parish councillors from surrounding villages also attended the drop-in, including Tony Green from Shepreth who brought the perspective of someone relatively new to the role. Philippa came along to Shepreth Parish Council’s February meeting and took an interest in the new development at Collins Close and the broader issue of the cost of ‘affordable’ housing, for what is fast becoming a very expensive district.