Friday, 21 February 2014

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert's Newsletter: A Week In Cambridge 21-FEB-2014

Celebrating Apprenticeships around Cambridge

On Monday, I had the pleasure of meeting 19-year old twins Suhayalah and Yahsmin Bhatti, as part of my monthly “Celebrating Apprenticeships” initiative. They’re currently undertaking a one-year science apprenticeship at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. It was great to get back in the lab and witness firsthand how enthusiastic the twins are about the work they’re doing in the department of haematology. There are lots of apprenticeship opportunities out there and I would encourage anyone who wants to know more to visit

Fighting to Bring Papworth to Cambridge 

We have been anticipating Papworth’s move to Cambridge for 10 years now, and the ongoing delays are frustrating. As a world renowned specialist cardiothoracic hospital it makes sense to have it at the centre of a city at the frontline of medical research. The move to Cambridge is good for patients, saves money, helps research and will lead to new treatments - the case is really strong! I’ve been working behind the scenes on this for a while with the Papworth Hospital Trust and many others, and I hope together we can overcome Treasury resistance - I’ve got Danny Alexander working on it!

Debating Economic Growth   

This Tuesday, I was invited by the University of Cambridge Politics Society to participate in a debate about economic growth and whether it benefits the human lot. I stressed how Britain’s success should be measured not only by its economic strength, but also by the wellbeing and happiness of its citizens – something I’ve always firmly believed. I also highlighted the negative effects of inequality and resource depletion. It was an interesting discussion!