Tuesday, 25 February 2014

East Of England MEP Andrew Duff Celebrates A Win For Car Drivers And East Of England Jobs

New laws, backed by MEPs meeting in Strasbourg, have been passed to require the amount of carbon dioxide pumped out by new cars to be cut from the present limit of 130g/km to 95g/km in the next seven years.

It means that the average new car should each year be able to deliver at least 3% more miles to the gallon.

Motor manufacturers based in the east of England will also benefit from the jobs created by new environment friendly cars.

Duff said, "By any measure the EU requirements to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars have proven a success. By improving fuel efficiency standards they have reduced the cost of driving as well as cutting our oil imports.

"They have ensured that our car manufacturers, and the component makers, have stayed as world leaders in technological development. They have also reduced CO2 emissions from an average of 163g/km in 2007 to 130g/km today.

"As th cenntre of design and engineer of vehicles for companies like Ford, the east of England is proving that it is at the heart of the green jobs revolution.

"Everyone recognises the competitive pressures faced by the car industry but the EU single market provides it with a level playing field and a degree of protection. If carmakers outside the EU want to sell their cars to our citizens they have to meet our emission standards.

"If only all our policies to combat global warming could demonstrate such similar WIN-WIN results."