Friday, 14 February 2014

Ed Davey Talks Climate Change At The Institute For Public Policy Research

Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey, yesterday gave a speech to the Institute for Public Policy Research.

The speech focussed on the threat to the political consensus on energy policy from both the left and the right.

In his speech, Ed Davey said:

“And I fear that on climate change and energy policy political consensus is in danger of breaking down…

“From the right, fringes of the Conservative Party and UKIP are parroting the arguments of the most discredited climate change deniers.

“Seizing on any anomaly in the climate data to attempt to discredit the whole.

“This is undermining public trust in the scientific evidence for climate change – overwhelming though it is.

“And we can see around us today the possible consequences of a world in which extreme weather events are much more likely.

“This type of climate change denying conservatism is wilfully ignorant, head in the sand, nimbyist conservatism.

“And when married to the europhobia innate to parts of the Conservative party, you have a diabolical cocktail that threatens the whole long-term structure of UK climate change and energy policy.

“If you accept the logic of climate change, you have to accept the logic of European co-operation to tackle it.

“Because we can only remain competitive, be energy secure, and tackle emissions by acting together with our major trading bloc – our neighbours – our partners.

“And we can only influence the world’s biggest carbon emitters – China and the US – by speaking together as one.

“Labour’s proposal for an artificial 20 month price freeze is based on a false analysis of the market.

“It will in fact threaten investment in energy security, push up prices for consumers in the long-run, destroy competition by solidifying the power of the Big 6 and do nothing at all to reduce emissions.

“Indeed if it threatens investment in low-carbon generation, it could represent a step back for the climate.”