Friday, 28 February 2014

History Helps Teach Children The Dangers Of Fires

Recreating the Great Fire of London at a St Neots primary school has helped to teach children about the dangers of fire.

Key Stage 1 pupils at The Round House Primary Academy created buildings to mimic London and a crew from St Neots Fire Station visited to burn and then extinguish the Great Fire. As part of a project about Vikings, Key Stage 2 pupils also watched as their ships were sent out to sea, burned and extinguished.

Youngsters were then taught about fire safety in their own homes and the importance of having an escape plan. They were also warned about the dangers of playing with fire and of making hoax 999 calls.

Jon Paul Jones, Watch Commander at St Neots, said: "Children learn about things visually and being able to recreate a small-scale historical event and link it in to fire safety proved to be an effective method to educate these young children.

"We enjoy going to local schools to engage with the pupils about fire safety. We hope that because of our work in the community and at schools, families have discussions about fire safety in their home and make it a safer place to live."