Friday, 14 February 2014

Keep Children Safe From Flood Water During Half Term

With half term approaching, parents are reminded by health experts at Cambridgeshire County Council the threat flood waters can pose to themselves and their children.

Flood waters can contain many hidden and submerged dangers. Parents are advised to keep children away from flood waters and to be aware of where they are playing.

Dangers include -

  • Contaminated water and mud: water can contain sewage and harmful chemicals. If you need to touch flood water, use rubber gloves.  Mention the flood if you or child see your GP within 10 days for abdominal complaints or diarrhoea.
  • Risk of drowning from hidden dangers: flood water can contain objects that can trip or trap feet and legs; manhole covers can also be missing and water can be significantly deeper and faster flowing than it appears.
  • Electrocution: don’t touch sources of electricity if you are standing in water. Be aware also that high winds can bring down power lines and can be submerged in water.

If children do come in contact with floodwater, it is advisable to wash their hands

For more information on how to stay safe and well during flooding see the following links Doctor Liz Robin, Director for Public Health at Cambridgeshire County  Council, said: “Parents need to be aware that flood water can pose a threat to health. It’s important to let your children know about the dangers of flood water, to be aware of where they are and to tell them not to play near it or in it. “