Saturday, 8 February 2014

Liberal Democrats: Council Tax, Flooding, and Bombardier

Council tax

The Lib Dems are proud of the fact that measures taken by the Coalition Government have led to council taxes falling by almost 10% in real terms over the last three years.

Local authorities have done an incredible job in continuing to provide excellent public services on limited budgets.

The Liberal Democrats believe that the 2% cap is effective and it would be unfair on local councils to reduce the referendum threshold at this stage.

Shifting the goal posts in this way could have a devastating effect on council budgets and local services at a time when many councils are feeling the strain.


Government departments, local authorities and agencies are working in unison and doing absolutely everything they can to help communities at risk. The Environment Agency continues to work day and night, alongside the emergency services and other local specialist agencies to get communities ready for the bad weather.

Existing flood defences and improvements to the way we respond to incidents has meant over 1.2m properties have been protected since the beginning of December.

The Government’s efforts have ensured 117,000 properties have been protected since Friday.

The situation in Somerset is having a serious impact on the lives of local residents and the Government continues to do everything it can to assist those affected in the Somerset Levels. The EA has initiated one of the biggest pumping operations on the Somerset Levels with 2.9m tonnes of water being pumped out every day.

It has also been deploying demountable flood defences, sandbags and clearing waterways to ensure as many properties as possible are protected.


This announcement will mean state of the art trains providing quick, comfortable journeys for the millions of people Crossrail will serve. It is also great news for British manufacturing and for Derbyshire, where Bombardier will support 760 new jobs and 80 apprenticeships.