Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bar Hill Parish Council - Full Council Meeting This ** TONIGHT ** @ 7pm

Here's the agenda for tonight's Full Council meeting. Feel free to attend, it's an open meeting and every Councillor there will be up election in a few months time so if nothing else it will be a good opportunity to see what being a Councillor in Bar Hill actually involves!

Open Forum – Visitor to discuss the Community Car Share Scheme
1. To receive apologies for absence and any declaration of interest
2. Approval of minutes.
- To approve minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on 20th February 2014
- The February Minutes (unapproved) are available via Google Drive;
3. Matters for discussion and decisions to be made from Previous Minutes
- The Willows – update
- Farmhouse – update
- Skate park - update
- Website - update
4. Clerks Financial and Procedural Report
- Approval of works by the Parish Council
- Photocopier Lease – Printer research by AM
- LED Footpath Lighting – prices by AP (Here's the document I'm going to present to the Parish Council - - I think they'd be a real benefit in doing this, at least in certain places, but the costs are really high so some sort of phasing will be required. Hopefully the Council can agree to investigate this further at the meeting. The lifespan of the LED's is approx. 10 years so I think a 10-year plan would probably be the easiest, and cheapest, way of progressing. What do you think?)
- Summer Reading Challenge – Request for contribution
- Holiday At Home – Request for contribution
- Approval of accounts and payment of cheques for March
5. General Correspondence Received
- Hearing dogs for the deaf – charity walk
- Kerbside Collection – possible date for a further event
- Road Weight Limited - AM
- Bridleway between Dry Drayton and Bar Hill
- The Over Day Centre – Thank you letter
- The Bill Norton Memorial Prize - RH
6. Chairman’s Report
- Adoption of Child Protection Policy (AP)
7. Committee Reports
a. Planning Committee  (MP)
b. Environment Committee (BW)
8. Other Reports
a. Cambridgeshire County Council (JR)
b. South Cambridgeshire District Council (BW/RH)
c. Any other reports
9. Items for Information