Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Call For Higher Standards For Breast Cancer Patients Supported By Cambridge MP

MP Julian Huppert is supporting a call from leading research charity, Breast Cancer Campaign for higher standards of care for patients.

The call comes after figures released by the charity show that Cambridge’s Addenbrooke’s Hospital falls just below the national average when it comes to giving patients a care plan for managing their illnesses.

The national average is 21 per cent and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust achieves 19.4 per cent.

But Huntingdon’s Hinchingbrooke Hospital comes out more than double the national average with 42.3 per cent of patients receiving a care plan and written assessment.

A care plan is a document that sets out the patient’s needs and goals for caring for cancer and it is between the patient and the health professional to help meet those goals.

The figures are set out in a report Finding the cures, which lays down 16 recommendations to improve the care which attempts to improve the standard of care experienced by thousands of breast cancer patients.

Julian said: “Every woman diagnosed with breast cancer deserves the best care. While Addenbrooke’s Hospital is doing a good job there is obviously room for improvement when it comes to helping women to manage their illnesses. It is important that people feel that they have information and some control over their treatments and future outcomes.

“This charity is doing an excellent job in raising awareness and I hope Addenbrooke’s Hospital staff will take a close look at this research and see where improvements can be made so that all women get the care they deserve.”