Friday, 14 March 2014

Cambridge City: Thank You For Recycling Your Batteries

Cambridge City Council has announced that over 300,000 AA-equivalent batteries have been recycled by residents since May 2011, when the kerbside collection was launched.

Laid end to end these batteries would reach from Jesus Green to Duxford Imperial War Museum.

Executive Councillor for Environmental and Waste Services, Cllr Jean Swanson said: "I’m delighted this scheme has been successful and would like to thank residents for continuing to recycle their household batteries. Look out for the battery bags that we will be distributing with Cambridge Matters magazine over the new few weeks to help you recycle even more."

Residents can recycle their batteries by attaching a small bag to their green wheelie bin or put on top of their brown sacks. Those who live in flats or do not have a green bin can recycle batteries at collection points around the city. To find your nearest visit

After collection the batteries are sorted and then recycled in the UK or Europe. The chemicals are extracted and re-used, and the metal casing is melted down and recycled. For example, button batteries often found in watches, contain approximately 35% silver by weight, which can be used in silver jewellery.