Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Cambridge Liberal Democrat News 12/03/2014

Cambridge Lib Dem City Group Win Award

Leader Tim Bick receives the award from Nick Clegg for the group's work with the homeless

Spring Conference in York saw the Lib Dem City Council Group with the Leader's Award for Putting Liberal Values into Practice, for their work rehabilitating the homeless.

As Tim Bick explained, the council's approach has been to tackle illegal behaviour on the streets, but also to support homeless individuals into finding accommodation, and the training and detox programmes needed to turn their lives around - "the only long term solution".

The award follows the opening of the Springs, a unique adult training foyer, run in conjunction with Cambridge Housing Association, where single homeless people are given accommodation, and training as a condition of their tenancies.

This goes to show the values that the Lib Dems are able to implement in Cambridge by being in power.