Friday, 7 March 2014

Cambridge MP Newsletter: Clegg's Speech On Privacy And Security, International Women's Day And The Annual Parliamentary Pancake Race

Clegg Sends Strong Message on Surveillance and Security

On Tuesday, I went along with others to the Royal United Services Institute to hear Nick Clegg give a speech on security and privacy in the Internet age. I was very pleased to see Nick so supportive of the policy motion I wrote with Tim Farron on a Digital Bill of Rights. He’s the only party leader who’s taken a clear stance on this issue and it’s another fine example of what the Lib Dems are all about – standing up for civil liberties and leading reforms on surveillance scope and oversight. I hope that the review into our intelligence oversight structure – which Nick Clegg commissioned – will set in place a framework for how we can approach privacy and cybersecurity in the future.

Celebrating International Women's Day

In preparation for International Women’s Day, I joined the team from Visible Women on Monday for the launch of “I am Visible,” a campaign working to combat the under-representation of women in the workplace. The event gave female students across London the chance to meet and network with positive role models from their chosen fields, showcasing the achievements of female leaders and
inspiring the next generation of young women to chase after positions in male-dominated industries. I myself had the pleasure of participating in a ‘speed mentoring session’ and was delighted to see so many young women interested in pursuing politics.

Pancake Race Raises Awareness for Rehab

Competitive spirit was in the air on Tuesday, as MPs, Lords and members of the press went head-to-head in the annual parliamentary pancake race. Equipped with our frying pans, aprons, and chef’s hats, we relayed through Victoria Tower Gardens and had ourselves a pancake-flippin’ good time – all while raising money and awareness for Rehab, a charity that does incredible work enhancing the lives of those affected by disabilities. It was great to see so many turn out for the cause and cheer us along as we stumbled across the finish line! As for the result? Well … it’s the taking part that counts.