Friday, 21 March 2014

Cambridge MP's Newsletter: Budget, Election Season And Fairer School Funding

Budget Announcement Brings Good News For Cambridge

Wednesday's Budget confirmed the Cambridge City Deal bringing a £500 million grant to our area for transport infrastructure. Including other elements, such as the New Homes Bonus, we’ll be getting about £1 billion towards housing and transport expenses. This will help Cambridge be able to build upon its success as a place opportune for investment, rife with employment opportunities, while making it a place that people can get around and afford to live in. This would not have happened without hard work from our City Council Leader, Tim Bick, as well as Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander. 
The Budget also firmly reflected that our economy is recovering, creating jobs and growth. Because of this recovery the Liberal Democrats were able to raise the personal tax threshold again next year to £10,500. This means that you should all be seeing an extra £100 in your pockets soon adding to the £700 tax cut the Liberal Democrats have already delivered in Government. This was our top manifesto promise at the last election, and has already lifted million of poorly paid people out of paying income tax.

Cambridge Kicks Off City and European Election Campaigns

Today marks the launch of our City and European election campaigns here in Cambridge. We have a tough fight ahead of us if we are to keep control of the City Council and re-elect our excellent MEP, Andrew Duff, but we have a strong record of action in the city and a clear message about our plans for making Cambridge an even better place to live. We just need to be out there telling people! I look forward to seeing you all out on the campaign trail over the coming weeks. Find out what you can do to help us win in Cambridge by emailing Sarah Whitebread on

Continuing the Campaign for Cambridge School Funding

It’s always great to see Cambridge’s young people get excited about politics, and today I had the pleasure of talking to and hearing from students at Hills Road Sixth From and Chesterton Community College. Seeing so many students eager to have their voices heard drives home the urgency of securing better funding for Cambridge’s schools. While the government has pledged an extra £20 million to close the gap on our years of underfunding (we currently get £600 per pupil per year less than the English average!), I want to see this deal implemented in full as quickly as possible. By signing my petition here, together we can make sure students won’t be shortchanged any more!