Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Cambridge Street Plunged Into Darkness After New Street Lighting Fails

A Cambridge street was plunged into darkness last night (Tuesday, March 4) after new street lights failed to come on.

Residents in Alwyne Road had objected to the removal of their old street lights because they were to be replaced by fewer new ones.

They were worried for the safety of elderly and disabled residents because parts of the pavement surface are poor.

New lights have now been installed but last night they were not switched on and one resident contacted Cambridgeshire County Councillor, Amanda Taylor saying that she was too frightened to go out.

Cllr Taylor has made a formal complaint to the county council asking officers to instruct the contractor who installed the new lights to remedy the situation immediately.

She said: “The street was left in darkness leaving some residents worried and frightened. Residents were concerned that fewer street lights would leave them vulnerable and this situation has not helped to allay those fears.

“This is a threat to public safety and needs to be put right.”