Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Damage To Dry Drayton/ Bar Hill Bridleway

At around 11pm on the 8th March a large 4x4 was driven from Dry Drayton to Bar Hill using the bridal way between the two villages. At the Dry Drayton end there was a post and gate, whereas at the Bar Hill end there was a barrier - the 4x4 caused significant damage to both.

Reported fairly quickly (via the police 101 number and also to the County Councils' Public Rights of Way team who look after the bridalway). The current plan is for the County Council to replace the gate (Dry Drayton end) as quickly as possible to prevent this turning into a rat run.

If you encounter any problems with a Public Right of Way you can report them to the County Councils via the usual contact centre (0345 045 5212) or via the form;


Of course you can report it to me, any of the other Parish Councillors, the District or County Councillors, or at the Parish Council Officers directly - but we'll just be reporting it via the two methods above and, in the event they come back with questions, we might not be able to answer them! By all means let me know when you've reported something like this - that way I can follow it up if it's not resolved.

If you have any more information, particularly in relation to the 4x4, please report it to the police directly on their 101 number.