Saturday, 22 March 2014

Monthly Report by Cllr Sebastian Kindersley: Green Bins, Rent Increases, and Destination Digital

Cllr Sebastian Kindersley

Green Bin Collection

South Cambs has agreed to restructure the bin collection service so that money can be saved on 12 jobs i.e. £400,000. As well as resulting in redundancies this will also mean that the Green Bins will only be collected once every 4 weeks during the 3 winter months. We are informed that not many are put out every fortnight during the winter. We are to be told to put our food waste in the black bins during this time because apparently some organic waste is required for the composting /recycling process at Waterbeach to work most effectively. The ‘new service’ will involve the remaining crews doing different (we suspect longer), routes.

Rent Increases for Tenants of South Cambs DC

Most rents will be increasing by up to £2 per week. This is the maximum that local authorities are allowed to increase them by and the majority of tenants should expect to be paying this maximum.

Destination Digital

Connecting Cambridgeshire has secured extra funding of over £4.5m to help hundreds of small and medium sized businesses across Cambridgeshire afford better broadband connections. Businesses can find out more about applying for grants and free support at or talk to an adviser by calling 0800 917044.