Monday, 24 March 2014

Nick v Nigel #whyiamIN

The Liberal Democrats and UKIP have reached agreement with two national broadcasters, LBC and the BBC, to host hour-long debates between Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and UKIP Leader Nigel Farage.

A radio debate will take place on LBC on Wednesday 26 March from 7-8pm, hosted by Nick Ferrari.

A televised debate will then take place on BBC Two on Wednesday 2 April from 7-8pm, hosted by David Dimbleby.

Nick Clegg said: “I challenged Nigel Farage to a debate because I wanted the British people to see that there is a very real choice at the upcoming European elections: between the Liberal Democrats as the party of IN and UKIP as the party of OUT.

“I am delighted that it has been confirmed that these debates will now definitely happen.

“I'm relishing the prospect of talking about how the Liberal Democrats are fighting to keep Britain IN Europe to protect British jobs while UKIP want to yank us OUT and threaten our recovery.

“I hope the voters will enjoy what I am sure will be a lively contest.”


In the Liberal Democrat Party Political Broadcast, Nick Clegg said the Liberal Democrats are the only party prepared to fight to keep Britain in the European Union. He said:

Are you IN or are you OUT? That's the real question at stake at the European elections on May 22nd.

UKIP wants to take Britain out of the EU – even though it would wreck the recovery and destroy jobs. The Conservatives are now openly flirting with exit. And the Labour Party don’t have the courage of their convictions on this – they won’t lift a finger to keep Britain in the EU.

So I am asking you to vote for the Liberal Democrats – the party of IN. IN for the sake of British prosperity and jobs.

OUT means fewer jobs.

OUT makes it harder to catch criminals that cross our borders.

OUT means we can’t work with our neighbours to tackle climate change.

OUT means we pull up the drawbridge and turn our backs on the world.

IN Europe means being in work.

IN means working with other European countries to keep our streets safer and protect our environment.

IN means standing tall in the world because we stand tall in our own backyard.

If you are for IN, make yourself heard. Don’t wait for a General Election. Don’t wait for a referendum. Don’t let anyone put jobs at risk and don’t let anyone throw our recovery away.

Let’s keep Britain prosperous, safe and strong. Be for IN. Vote Liberal Democrat.