Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Unlock Democracy: A 21st Century Magna Carta?

Next year will mark 800 years since the signing of Magna Carta, when King John was forced to guarantee certain rights and freedoms.

The Magna Carta is admired around the world as a symbol of liberty – the first occasion the people of England were granted rights against an absolute king. It will be fitting that we celebrate this important moment in our history, but we must not lose sight of how far we still have to go. We want to hear what you think a Magna Carta for today should contain:


While others will want to wrap themselves up in self-congratulation, our mission in the run up to this important anniversary must be to use it to reignite the spark of reform. We plan on holding a national conversation around the anniversary to gather people’s views on what a 21st century Magna Carta should look like – and what kind of rights and freedoms we should be focusing on for the future.

To kick this conversation off, we would like to hear your views on what a “Magna Carta 2015” should contain. What you would prioritise in a new charter - civil liberties? House of Lords reform? A more proportional voting system?

Please take our short survey and let us your know your views:

We see Magna Carta as the start of a process of constitutional reform – not a destination. So please help us shape the next stage on the journey of reform.

Thanks and best wishes,

Alexandra Runswick

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